The Ultimate Job Ad: Ready to Be a Team Principal in F1® Manager 2022?

The Ultimate Job Ad: Ready to Be a Team Principal in F1® Manager 2022?

Thank you for expressing your interest in the role of Team Principal in F1® Manager 2022!

This position, beginning from August 25, will see the successful applicant enter the thrilling world of F1®, as the decision-maker for one of the 10 official F1® teams. The role includes a host of benefits, including success-driven financial rewards, the chance to travel the globe, and more branded merchandise than you can shake a steering wheel at.

As you can imagine, this vacancy has attracted much interest, so to know if you're the outstanding candidate for this job, we'll need to know a bit more about yourself. Please take some time to consider the questions below, and reach out to us on Twitter with your responses, using the hashtag #F1Manager. Shall we begin?

‘What leadership skills do you possess?’

In case you didn’t get the memo: this is not an entry-level role. The successful applicant will be encouraged to hit the ground running, taking responsibility for team operations immediately.

As the Team Principal of an F1® team, you are the leader, the shot-caller, and the person your team will turn to for guidance. Whether you’re back at HQ deciding what facilities to put budget towards for improvements, or you’re right in the middle of the race making strategic calls for your drivers, your decisions will lay out the path for everyone wearing your colours to follow.

‘Can you establish short-term and long-term strategies for success?’

Like all good leaders, the person selected for this role will be able to balance a long-term vision for their team with the immediate tasks and fast-paced nature of F1®. Whilst progress will be expected early on in your tenure as a Team Principal, creating a plan that sets the constructor up for success over multiple years is also of the highest importance. This is how dynasties and legacies are made.

F1® Manager 2022 - Pre-order screenshot 02 - Race Day 1

At the beginning and middle of each season, you will meet with the Board to discuss objectives for the current year, as well as your progress towards the team’s long-term goal. The objectives for this team will be dependent on its current status within F1®; a front-running team, for example, will want wins and championships immediately, whilst teams lower down the order will have less lofty expectations.

We have full faith that the new hire can write a legendary new chapter of success for this team. Plentiful benefits and bonuses are available to those who achieve this.

'Can you be adaptable and thrive under pressure?’

Whilst our team will endeavour to supply you with everything necessary to create a plan for success, we’re all too aware that F1® is far from predictable. Whether you’re at the track, in the garage, or back at HQ, you should be prepared to encounter situations that force you to reassess your strategy and make key decisions.

During races, the Team Principal must be ready for unexpected moments, such as an incident, change in weather, or an issue with your cars. These factors and many more can affect your pre-race strategy, meaning some quick thinking and ingenuity will be needed to keep the team on course for a strong result.

F1® Manager 2022 - Pre-order screenshot 05 - Tyre Strategy

Between race weekends, team members may come to you with a dilemma for you to resolve. Make your decision carefully, as your call can affect finances, team morale, and more. Additionally, the sport itself may throw a spanner in the works, with new regulations proposed to the teams. Vote on these changes carefully, considering how the outcome could affect the running of your team.

‘How adept are you at working across different teams and disciplines?

Being a Team Principal in F1® Manager 2022 means you are the point of contact for all key facets of our team here; from the board members, to the folks back in the factory, to the superstars behind the wheel.

Working closely with your Technical Chief, Head of Aerodynamics, and two Race Engineers will be crucial to unlocking car performance – whether they are the staff you inherit, or folks you scout and hire yourself. Similarly, dictate the training of your pit crew to improve pit stop times, and manage your wider engineering crew to ensure they can handle the developments you want to make.

Having the ability to keep multiple groups happy simultaneously will be vital for the successful applicant. Identify areas for growth. Understand how favouring one area of your team could affect others. Meeting the needs of your whole team will keep morale high and lead to better results across the board.

'Are you an effective problem solver?’

For any Team Principal in F1®, there is no exact formula or process to ensure success. Our new hire for this team will encounter conundrums and challenges throughout their tenure; your job is to overcome them in a way that maintains our team’s trajectory to the top.

F1® Manager 2022 - Pre-order screenshot 04 - Rear Wing Design

Perhaps the development of a part for your cars might not meet expectations. Do you need to look at your facilities, or your engineering team, and make some adjustments? Maybe a driver or lead engineer’s demands during contract negotiations are higher than you’d like. Do you adhere to their demands, push for a compromise, or look to hire a replacement? Let’s say you’re simply not generating enough money to the keep the team operating smoothly. Do you adjust sponsor obligations, or cut back on spending in other areas?

‘Can you identify potential areas for improvement?’

Our Team Principal must strive for constant innovation and progress, in order to meet expectations and keep up in the world of F1®. Across all departments and disciplines, look for ways to improve performance.

Your drivers and key staff will all have scope to improve their attributes and overall ability. The potential growth of every driver and engineer will differ, and whilst younger team members may initially have lower ratings than their older counterparts, they may also possess more scope to learn and improve. Work closely with all your key staff, particularly the younger members of the team, to help them realise their potential.

F1® Manager 2022 - Pre-order screenshot 01 - Home

All those individuals will still need a sound structure around them to perform well. Each of your facilities – from your wind tunnel, to your race simulator, to even your boardroom – can be upgraded multiple times, with differing benefits for your team. Invest wisely in the right upgrades and be sure to refurbish facilities now and again, optimising their output.

‘If you were an animal, what animal would you be?’

This isn’t actually relevant to the role. We’re just interested to know your answer. We would be an otter, by the way.

We look forward to monitoring your performance this August, as F1® Manager 2022 launches on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Pre-order the digital version for a 10% discount, as well as five days early access to play from August 25.*

Stay up to date with all F1® Manager 2022 news by following us on Twitter and Instagram, and chat with the team and fellow future Team Principals on Discord.

*PlayStation users must be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to redeem the 10% discount.

Available from 25 August 2022

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